Thursday, April 16, 2009

NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO (Buddhist Chanting)


Nichiren,a Japanese Buddhist priest (1222-1282) declared that all of the benefits of the wisdom contained in 'Lotus Sutra' can be realized by chanting NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO.
The meaning of the mantra is

* NAM- Devotion,

* MYOHO- The mystic law (law of life),

* RENGE- Of Lotus,

* KYO- The teaching itself (of Budhha)

Please hear the Year tube video posted above,this will help you to chant in the correct way.After that you may please view other 'You Tube 'Videos also relating to Daimoku.

* Sit on a chair or on the floor,keep your eyes open and focussed on a blank wall to avoid distraction.

* Clasp your hands together in the same way as you do while praying.

* Before starting,fix your mind on some thing you want to achieve(What ever it may be).

* You can chant at a speed of 1 Daimoku per second or 40 Daimoku per minute.Choose the speed you feel comfortable with.

Ideally it has to be chanted twice a day 10-15 minutes each.
Just stick to it and feel the difference.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Technique to relax and to increase Awareness

The following technique to relax and increase awareness has a long and honorable history, dating back thousands of years before its adoption as an early Christian-Judaic Prayer and mediation technique.

While reading the next several lines, place your left hand on the computer table or on your lap. Allow your right hand to dangle limply by your side.Do that now, before reading on. Now check for tension by tensing your arms and shoulders and relax them. Inhale slowly and deeply, hold the breath to the mental count of four and release it in a long,deep sigh. Do it again if you choose to do so, counting down from eight to one as you slowly release the breath.Please do this now.

While continuing to read, become aware of the weight and tingling sensation in the fingers of your right hand , be conscious of the heaviness as the blood flow gently pulses at the tips of the fingers, circulating freely without any conscious effort on your part. Just be aware of your fingers., do not concentrate on them. Just be conscious of the heaviness and the pleasant tingling sensation. You are reading these words and at deeper level you are becoming conscious of the tingling sensation and your concentration on the words is automatically becoming deeper. After you have read the next three sentences you will allow your eyes to close normally and naturally while you are still aware of the tingling sensation in your fingers. After you close your eyes you will count down from one to five, and at the count of five the tingling sensation will cease, your eyes will open and you will return to normal awakening consciousness, feeling pleasantly refreshed and relaxed. Now allow your eyes to close and count up from one to five.

This technique can be put to use when ever you have free time.There is no need to close your
eyes.Merely breathe deeply and sense your fingers,be aware of them while sitting, resting or walking.Check for yourself the influence of this procedure has on your mental alertness,for example when you are performing some dull routine or attending a dull business meeting.
This technique is also effective when you feel influenced by any strong negative emotion such as depression,loneliness,fear ,anger,sorrow or boredom.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.